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Malawi's Pizza

Pizza with
a Purpose

Not only does the food taste incredible but you'll get that warm feeling of knowing that you're giving back to a child in need. Malawi's Pizza is founded on the idea of the Meal For Meal Exchange Program. For every meal purchased, Malawi's Pizza provides a nutritious meal to a child in Malawi, Africa. Our hope is to provide these children with the nutrition that they need during crucial childhood growth stages, to assist in the development of a mental, physical, and social capability that will affect lasting change in their beautiful country. Pizza with a Purpose gives our guests a delicious way to make a difference every time they go out to eat.

Feed The Children distributes the meals to the villages with the most need and to ensure that the meals are prepared and served to children. It's easy to understand why Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa, Its people are known for their kindness and affinity for other.

Malawi's Pizza finds that it's people are the key to an incredible dining experience and high quality food. Without our team we don't know where we would be. Our team consists of our General Manager, Restaurant Manager, our line cooks, and our pizza oven chef, there's a reason your pizza tastes the way it does!